Some of the Best Wedding Planning Books

The first thing that most brides do once they get engaged is going out to check on some of the wedding planning books and some of their favorite bridal magazines. What about the gifts? Since our site is dedicated to show you one of the best planning books, we will recommend you to see these ideas for personalised gifts and we will continue with the books. Below is a list of some of the best wedding planning books in case you need to buy one.

All the Essentials Wedding Planner-by Alison Hotchkiss in collaboration with Hello!Lucky company.

This wedding planner gives the best for a bride who would like to remain super organized, and with everything in order. It also lists the things to do, downloadable templates, sample floor plans, and contains advice from a reputable expert in the wedding field.

Style Me Vintage Weddings

This wedding planner is designed specifically to inspire the brides on how to make their own vintage themed wedding. It shows you how to put together styles and bridal outfits for a vintage wedding since the days of Edwardian all the way to 1970’s. From flowers, accessories, dresses, make-up, hair, photography, the venue you chose and more are all covered in this book.

Just Married-by Fiona Leahy

just marriedLeah is a celebrity wedding planner who in her book provides you with her own tips on how to throw an original and relaxed wedding celebration, which will leave your guests talking about it for a very long period of time.


The New-Fashioned Wedding-by Appel and Kelly Harris

This wedding planner takes the bride through the whole wedding process, starting from their vision statement to starting color palette, logos and signs, stationery, linens, aisle décor, bouquets and centerpieces, menus and many more. Not even one detail is forgotten in this wedding planner. There are also some nice present ideas and readers can also find the perfect gift for your 25th wedding anniversary there.

Rustic Wedding Chic-by Maggie Lord

rustic wedding chickThis book provides an inside look into real weddings that take place in rustic places, farm and country destinations and also backyard venues which have an independent, creative and eco-friendly DIY approach. You can get great DIY ideas and lots of inspiration to make the best rustic wedding from this book.


Vera Wang on Weddings – by Vera Wang

Vera Wang is an excellent expert in matters of wedding gowns and her book would definitely entail the best advice when it comes to choosing what is best for your wedding gown including also the correct neckline, length, waistline, and bodice that are all correct for your body type.

Handmade Weddings-by Hello!Lucky (Sabrina Moyle and Eunice)

handmade weddingsThis book provides simple and chic DIY projects, with ideas for each wedding style. You will get ideas about things such as vintage-key save, date card DIY, and silhouette bride and groom signs. There is also a whole part that spells out about working out the best wedding plan timeline.

Broke Ass Bride-by the wedding website The Broke-Ass Bride

This book serves to empower the brides to make their budget wisely and also be creative so as to have the best wedding. It provides insightful and helpful tips on how to bargain with vendors and good ideas for affordable, creative, DIY decorations and many more.

Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette-the-Sixth Edition-by Anna and Lizzie

The new edition of this book provides classic wedding advice and with a modern spin. It covers everything starting from the style, guest list, reception details, and budget. Also included are the contemporary additions that are from first additions including same-sex weddings and destinations. It also comes with a checklist and a tipping chart.

Matthew Robbin’s Inspired Weddings-by Matthew Robbins

inspired weddingsThis book teaches every bride and groom the process of transforming a typical wedding into a spectacular one by choosing nine objects where the whole wedding will base on. Matthew Robbins also gives insider industry secrets and tips.