5 Interestingly Different Present Ideas for Any Writer

Forget boring gift cards, dated moleskines, cute but useless notebooks and random books from the discount table, your writer friends deserve a better treat than the done-to-death cliched gifts that are handed out every year.

Well, fret not, as we have charted out a list of the most original gift ideas for writers that will have the bookworms in your life hugging you in sheer pleasure at your ingenuity!

Read on and get shopping!

Original Gift Idea #1 – Get Your Writer Buddy a Holiday Package

Holiday PackageWhat do writers need most, especially when they are dealing with a lot of book related stress? If you answered mental sanity, you don’t really need our help anyway.
A whole night or a weekend of complete silence at a hotel or some exotic resort with a view of the ocean will do wonders for your writer pal and guarantee that they put your name in the front of their book (probably).

Writers have a difficult time writing with life getting in their way every few minutes like phone calls, unannounced guests, home issues, spouse/parents/children making frequent demands on their time and attention etc. So a break is just the right gift for any writer out there.

Plus, who says no to a free holiday package?


Original Gift Idea #2 – Aqua Notes

Aqua NotesDon’t you just hate it when you get an amazing idea in your morning shower and by the time you put on fresh clothes, it completely disappears from your mind?
For writers, this is a much bigger issue as the best of their ideas gets transformed into amazing pieces of content that the world loves to read. So, to resolve this idea-flitting issue, gift your writer friend a set of Aqua Notes.

These nifty little things come in the shape of a waterproof pad in which you can document the greatest of ideas, or just your grocery list, as you soap yourself in your morning shower.

You never know, the next J.K. Rowling could appear soon due to your thoughtful gift!

Original Gift Idea #3 – Give the Writer the Gift of Their Very Own Words

wordsWhat type of content are most writers proud of writing?

Can you get a hold of the very first blog post your writer pal had published?

Or maybe a scintillating piece published in a trendy magazine? Or maybe it is just something that they are presently very passionately working on with their heart, mind and soul?

Here’s a cool idea for a unique gift for all writers – get a super nice, large-sized wall canvas, take out the first line or paragraph from their content and have it printed.

This would make an unforgettable present that they’ll cherish forever. After all, who doesn’t like being reminded 24/7 of their most brilliant work?

That’s right – no one.

Original Gift Idea #4 – A Super Cool Digital Pen and Pad Set

Digital Pen and Pad SetBuy a fancy schmancy digital pen and pad set that is sure excite even the most laidback writer you’ve ever known! And watch as they practice signing autographs a million times right infront of you.

Because all writers probably have to attend a fair number of book signings and an ultra modern digital pen and pad set are just the thing to take along for such an important affair.

Original Gift Idea #5 – Why Not Gift an Audible Membership?

membershipWe are talking about original ideas, so here’s one that really takes the cake in terms of writer excitement – an Audible membership.

Writers are busy people. And they truly hate getting interrupted, specially in the thick of things, like the end of an intriguing chapter, or an important reserach project. With a collection of some amazing audiobooks, they won’t have to be interupted for something as lame as taking a break or googling for research.

Plus, listening to books is just so much faster and smarter!