Wedding Guest Book Ideas

wedding guest books

Guest books for weddings are certainly going to reflect the couple celebrating their special day or evening. It should be within the confines of the theme and should be representative of the guest count. It can either be a 50 page or 25 page, maybe even a 100 page or more guest book. It will have lines, or no lines. It’s also going to depend on the bride’s decision on what she wants. (it’s all about the bride in the wedding, traditionally.)

What is a guest book?

The guest book is where the couple’s guests sign in and wish them well on their new life together. They will sign it and date it while putting writing a few words telling them how they feel about the couple and wishing them a happy life together.

These are mementos for the couple so they can look back at the well-wishers and even keep a count on who went so they can send them a thank you card after the wedding is all over.

Themed guest books for a wedding

Some people have made them, brought the guest book, or even had it given by someone in the wedding party.

Either it’s traditional, fun, classy, sheek or shabby, western, or even modernized. Some people have made them out of simple paper and material with objects on them. Either way, the wedding book is normally going to be one for the reception after the actual ceremony. Unless the ceremony and the reception are at the same place, it will follow the couple where ever they go.

Some of the ideas for a wedding book come from magazines, the individuals who create it, or the bride simply buys it herself when she purchase it with the plume (feathered or not) pen. In other words, it needs to reflect the overall wedding and the couple, again.

Here are some ideas for guest books for a wedding that will eventually be looked at by the couple during, or after the entire event; they can reuse it with a separator during their 5th, 10th or even 50th anniversary simply for the fun of it. (As long as there’s enough pages to go around.

Additionally, some guest books are spiral bound, seamed bound, or like a binder in order to add more pages. You can get them at a fine wedding boutique, a hobby store, a department store that may have wedding goods and products or simply make it.

Guest books for the bride and groom: ideas that will bring all the thoughts, well-wishers and reception goers in one confined book.

wedding guest book

Here are some other wedding guest book ideas:

Names with date on cover, the couple’s name/date and an image of what the couple love to do together (i.e. hiking, surfing, fishing, traveling,…), a photo drawn of the couple with the date, a picture of where they are going to live, or even a custom made one of your theme made by you and your fiancée.

Here are a few popular styles:

The Ocean Themed Guest book is the book that has lines on the paper or no lines. It has the representative colors (i.e. beige, blue, green, white, turquoise, teal, sea green,…to name a few) and may have a sand-dollar or starfish or any shell centered in the front cover. It can be an image, or a real shell “hot glued” to the front of the book. If it’s hand made, it can have a piece of beige or tan fish-net at the seams of the book or as a backdrop.

The Western Themed Guest Book has a cowboy hat centered or at the corners of the cover of the book. It can also have a rodeo rope image or two cowboy/cowgirl boots at the center of the cover also.

The Monogram / duogram / initial / names Guest Book has the initials of the bride and groom. For a monogram, it has the first letter of the last name of the groom at the center, the first initial of the first name of the bride at the left side and the first letter of the first initial of the first name of the groom at the right side of the middle letter. This then becomes the monogram and is normal at the right hand corner on the bottom of the guest book or at the center of it.

For a duogram, it’s the monogram, but without the middle letter. In addition, guest books can also have the first names of the couple printed on the cover, anywhere on the cover. Normally these will be engraved, thermographed, or simply printed if it’s hand made.

If it’s the guest book is going to be at the reception hall only, then the last name of the groom should only be on it or the first letter of the groom’s last name only should be on the cover of it. This is because the bride will already have taken the last name of her husband by the time she goes to the reception. They’ll already be married, in other words.

The Classy Guest Book is going to have pages with lines on the pages. It will have the date, the names, and the comments printed across the top of each page. Normally, it will have a hard cover with either white, beige, or the color of the representative theme and maybe an image of wedding rings or a gem looking image on the center of it. It could also be made of padded fabric material (i.e. silk or rayon).

Finally, when you invite your guests to your reception, you’ll have these keepsake guests books for keeping mementos such as pictures and notes. All the well-wishers that you were fortunate to hear from and whom took the time to write in the book. You and your loved one will enjoy looking back at it so as to share for all the years to come.